FUH!!,im quite tired today..doing HOMEWORKS,making BURGERS,eating BURGer,clean the plate after eating,preparing my BED, soooo TIRED!!!i have another 2 weeks before get back to my 'beloved' college..hahha..btw,i think my homeworks are still mountaining..hik3..need to think how to finish it,need to stop..wanna sleep with a best dream likes dreaming about me and a cute gurl getting married,have a child,big house,good work,cute child too,spending our time together in front of huge box name TV,watching our fvret reality tv show,laughing together,how beautiful it been..wahh!!!hahaha..dadaa~


  1. ceh wah knk2 ni..
    da brangan-angan tinggi..
    gud luck spm..
    n wish u will get anything thay u want k..